Social Anxiety Disorder

remember back in high school that quiet kid in the class had never raised his hand, how about that co-worker of yours who hardly speaks at meetings. we’ve all suffered through our own share of shyness, but for some people’s shyness goes way beyond what you could ever imagine.

What Is Social Anxiety ?

social anxiety disorder the third most common mental disorder in the u.s after depression and substance abuse, what does it feel like to suffer from this disorder? that feeling of Terror, what causes it? how can you get help? if somebody does have social anxiety disorder they should know that there is very effective treatment and treatment that’s very safe and well tolerated.

social anxiety disorder is one of six main kinds of anxiety disorder that we now of. it’s actually the most common, it’s also known as social phobia. social anxiety disorder affects millions of people worldwide, it causes someone to feel intense anxiety in almost any social situation, they become very overly sensitive about what other people are thinking about them, interestingly they’ll often go out thinking their paranoid, but they’re not paranoid at all. but they have a tremendous interpersonal sensitivity. so every time they’re around other people, they think that people are judging them because they think they’re actually doing bad, looking stupid, looking incompetent, being inarticulate having people criticize them, even if it’s not verbalized the idea that people are judging you and criticizing you potentially or negatively evaluating you is a huge fear for these people.

there’s a range of severity so people with who have it to a more moderate degree can function, but with enormous effort and pain, they can work, but they’ll do something that’s below their capabilities, They’re very likely to have friends, it’s very hard to form a intimate relationship, it’s very hard to socialize for some people.

the disorder manifests itself only in performance situations, but for others it permeates every aspect of their lives. in the extreme, people become extremely isolated, they don’t work, they end up on disability or being supported by their families, to be afraid to use public restrooms, to become afraid to eat in restaurants because people maybe watching them, There’s people who are afraid to endorse a check in front of a teller because while the teller is watching their hand starts to shake.

Now we’ve all experienced moments of shyness, but suffering from social anxiety disorder and being shy are two very different things. shy people may be uncomfortable or not like doing certain things, but they’re able to do them. whereas the people social anxiety disorder get these actual panic attacks and really cannot do these things.

while socially anxious people are often limited by their disorder, shy people play an important role in society more Society rewards with a great deal of dignity and economic reward those who like to work alone like computer programmers scientists poets writers etc . it’s only a problem when it’s over-the-top okay when it incapacitates us, when it keeps us from getting to do the things that we want to do in life, when it robs us a pleasure, when it keeps us from working, it keeps us from having relationships it’s a problem.


over the last two decades, experts have explored what causes this disorder, we certainly know that it runs in families, so that people who have first-degree relatives parents who have the illness are more likely to get it than other people.

but that only explains a part of the reason people get it. many people have a situation where maybe they were humiliated, criticized rejected, evaluated poorly socially and then they felt a loss of control and they felt embarrassed and there was a lot of shame that they experienced in that moment, and then what happens is they became more and more fearful of those situations, and so more avoidance took place or just negative perceptions of situations like this and. so they started to then develop it almost like a conditioned response to their fear.

of all the adults or adolescents that a psychiatrist would say have social anxiety or social phobia, some acquired it, they didn’t have any special temperamental or genetic bias but some did the temperamental bias which is inherited is not for shyness, what you inherit is a tendency to overreact to anything that’s new and unfamiliar.

in the majority of cases this anxiety is hereditary it’s passed on from one family member to the next. so when these parents find out that the symptoms that these children have are due to anxiety, it makes them take a step back and realize this is me, this was my brother, this was my sister, all these things that my child is going through is what I went through and what I’m feeling.


both medication in psychotherapy are intended to change the person and the person is part biology part psychology. Doctors use cognitive behavioral therapy with socially anxious adults. in this form of therapy patients learn to change the way they feel by changing the way they think, made a real difference. this therapy assumes that part of the anxiety response in adults affected by this disorder is a learned behavior, and learned behaviors it can be modified through training.

a very important piece of cognitive behavior therapy is not only talking about situations, but actually doing and learning by doing, they can learn to replace their negative anxious response to social situations with a more appropriate one, the first step in getting better is often the hardest, finding the courage to ask for help, maybe ask a stranger for directions etc .

Some patients find their or her own way to overcome anxiety and fear. but for those who have spent their lives being afraid of people, there’s no greater feeling than knowing you don’t have to feel afraid. makes life much more enjoyable, you don’t have to worry about what people are saying about you anymore, you don’t have to worry about what people are thinking you don’t have to second-guess what you’re gonna say or do in public. and think somebody’s gonna laugh at you because you can just be yourself and enjoy life.


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