Psychopaths vs Sociopaths : Which One is Worse?

every good murdering horror movie has a psychopath or a sociopath, and we use those words interchangeably most the time, but there is a very big difference, although there are still some similarities and we’re gonna go ahead and start.

Psychopaths and sociopaths are both defined with having an antisocial personality disorder, which has seven things that make it up and in order to be officially considered having an antisocial personality disorder, you have to have at least three or more of these traits to officially be considered antisocial:

  • 1 – you regularly break the law or at least have a serious disregard for the law
  • 2 – you constantly lie or deceive others
  • 3 – you’re impulsive and don’t plan ahead
  • 4 – you can be prone to fighting or aggressiveness
  • 5 – you have little regard for the safety of others
  • 6 – you’re irresponsible
  • 7 – you can’t meet financial obligations
  • 8 – you don’t feel remorse or guilt

and that final point, not feeling remorse or guilt is basically how we define a psychopath or sociopath, so that’s just how they are they won’t feel any remorse or guilt, and they don’t have any of the other six characteristics more than likely.

we often toss around the word psychopath or sociopath to define someone who doesn’t feel remorse or guilt, and even if they don’t feel that and they have at least two other of those traits, we just mentioned that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re psychopath or sociopath, that means they’re just antisocial, antisocial not meaning they don’t like people, but meaning they don’t function very well in a primate society where everyone has to work together in order to survive.

So what is a psychopath?

a psychopath is someone who is born not made, meaning they have something genetically about them from the moment of birth is a little bit different than anyone else, and they basically have no consideration for the way that their actions affect others, they have little to no empathy, they don’t have the ability to think man if I kill your sister it’s gonna hurt you, and even if they can’t logically understand that, they don’t care because it means nothing to them.

in their world internally, psychopaths find it nearly impossible if not completely impossible, to form real meaningful emotional deep bonds with people, they mostly form artificial relationships that mean basically nothing, now that being said, that’s how they feel on the inside, they’re very very good at planning things and thinking logically about the way that they behave, so a lot of times you’ll see Psychopaths living very normal functioning lives, where they have relationships with a spouse or kids or anything like that, that doesn’t mean they actually feel it but they go through the motions because that’s what they’re supposed to do.

they can come across this very charming and well-educated, and usually if they’re going to commit any crimes they’re going to do it in a very planned out way that minimizes their danger and their risk to themselves, because that’s the number one thing to a psychopath “does it affect me?

What Is a Sociopath ?

unlike a psychopath, sociopaths are not born they are created, which means they have some sort of psychological trauma that they faced in life perhaps maybe physical or emotional abuse, or even some sort of childhood trauma that causes them to have some sort of social disorder, basically the inability to act the way that a normal primate do, it makes them unable to function in a proper primate society, sociopaths unlike Psychopaths can form meaningful relationships with people, they are actually far more emotional, however, they don’t form meaningful relationships of most people usually only with like-minded people who get them a little bit more.

when they commit a crime, they’re usually not trying to do it to minimize the danger to themselves, it’s usually out of some sort of temporarily inspired rage or passion, they don’t think about what their actions are going to do to them in the future.

now both of these are considered antisocial it’s not very good for them living in a group of symbiotic by nature, because sociopaths and Psychopaths don’t function very well in large groups of people, but when they have to share the roads with you and I bad things happen.

So which one is worse?

sociopaths are more likely to act out in fits of Rage try to cause harm to you in some sort of way like in road rage or something, however they do feel remorse for their actions so they can’t function a little bit better, maybe because they know how to work together. however, a psychopath feels no remorse at all and they’ll do basically anything as long as it doesn’t come back to affect them, that being said, they can think very very logically about things and think if I do this it could come back to bite me, and never do it in the first place. if a psychopath decides to be dangerous they will probably be a lot more dangerous and they’re going to be harder to catch.


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