Healthy And Easy Breakfast Recipe : Chia Oatmeal

it’s breakfast time what better way to start than a tasty recipe to spice up your oatmeal, what I’m going to show you as I’m gonna show you is going to change the way you have your oatmeal every single morning.

There is some little techniques and stuff to take away from your blind oatmeal, I know you can just get your oatmeal make some protein powder in the mixed up and you’ve got a better flavor but some people that have the protein with their eggs or they later mix and turkey bacon or bacon and have the roots is like a separate dish on the side.

Now that’s taste like the zip it’s absolutely the righteous and some chia seeds through it just make it extra super healthy so I’m going to go and get cracking.

  • One Cup of Oatmeal
  • One Cup of (low fat ) Coconut milk
  • One Cup of Almond Milk

Now the way we cook these is on a high heat and you just want to keep stirring until you start to get the little bubbles it should take with a two to three minutes and then once you get there that’s when we’re going to start to add in our ingredients.

we’re gonna add:

  • Table Spoon Of chia seeds
  • Just a touch of honey

you’re already getting the sweetness from the coconut milk but the honey just adds that a little bit extra and then we’re going to stir that through so at this point the porridge has been stirring for almost five minutes so once it’s ready there all you want to do is take off the heat and just let it set for one minute to cool down.

Now plating up you’re just going to pour it into a bowl and then add any condiment you like so I’ve added in some berries a lot of a cinnamon and then just to moisten up a little bit finish off with a tiny little of almonds and there we go folks I hope you give it a try.

Thanks for Reading, Stay healthy !