Dangerous Foods to Never Eat with Braces

Braces are an uncomfortable companion and may even cause pain in many cases. The situation becomes more severe when some food pieces get stuck within them as it’s extremely difficult to brush them. However, braces are important to get straight teeth and hence a beautiful smile. If you have braces, you can make your life much easier by simply avoiding the foods mentioned in this article.

1. Sticky Taffies, Candies and Caramel.

These are the toughest food stuffs to remove by brushing even without braces. They’re a nightmare with the braces and must be completely avoided as they have the tendency to stick to your braces and teeth leading to irreparable damages. They can decay your teeth, if left stuck for long duration.

2. Bubble Gums.

If you’ve opted to get braces, you must quit your habit of chewing gums, which may be for any reason. Gums are sticky by nature and are difficult to remove as they can’t dissolve on their own and have to be taken out.

3. Popcorn.

Popcorn munching may perhaps be one of the most difficult habits to quit; but, it’s also one of the most dangerous ones for people with braces. Popcorn is not only sticky, but can also cling to your teeth and braces and you’ll need to take off your braces to remove the stuck up particles. Taking off your braces isn’t only painful, but can even lead to infections.

4. Nuts and Seeds.

In addition to the nuts and seeds, chunky variety of peanut butter can damage the braces or change their alignment because of their hard texture. Moreover, it’s an awfully tedious task to get rid of their particles, if they get wedged within some dental gaps or inside the braces.

5. Hard Beef Items.

Items like dried beef or fish including beef jerky are extremely unavoidable for those who like them. However, such hard to chew items are exceedingly dangerous for your braces as they can severely damage them. The fibrous food particles can easily get stuck within your dental cavities or braces, which can aggravate your problems.

6. Juices and Energy Drinks.

Drinks like soda, juices and other energy drinks, which have high concentrations of sugar and acid cause damage to your teeth whether you’re wearing braces or not. Hence, you must keep away from them.

7. The “Inedible Food” Items.

Many of us have a habit of chewing on our nails, pencil tip or other similar inedible items. Such items can cause severe harm to your braces, teeth and gums. You must avoid putting these items in your mouth at all costs.

8. Hard Candies.

Candies are loved by almost all of us and delicious candies can be extremely addictive. However, the high sugar content in the candies leads to tooth decay and if you chew candies that are hard, you can end up damaging your braces. Therefore, you should control your urge to consume too many candies and should completely avoid chewing them.

9. Cookies.

Hard cookies are equally damaging as any other hard food stuff. However, if you still want to eat them, it’s better to dip them in milk or tea before consuming. This will soften them up and hence they won’t be unsafe for your braces.

10. Hard Fruits and Vegetables.

Biting on hard vegetables and fruits can loosen the braces and can change their position. Removing corn from the cob, peeling off and slicing the hard fruits and vegetables like apples and carrots should be restored to before eating them.

11. Burgers.

Although these aren’t too unsafe to eat, but some fragments can stick to your braces making it difficult to clean them up. The heavily stacked large burgers pose even bigger problems while taking a bite. It’s recommended to cut the burger into small pieces rather than biting straight on them.

12. Beef

Poultry or Other Meat. Eating any type of meat is best avoided while you’re wearing braces because the fibers can get stuck inside the dental cavities or braces, thereby making it extremely arduous to clean them. However, if you’re a meat lover, you can have it once in a while, but only boneless and soft meat should be consumed.

13. Soft Pretzels.

Pizza Crusts and Bagels. Chewy foods like the ones mentioned above can make your braces misaligned due to the heavy chewing that they demand. It’s better to cut such items into small portions before eating them.