How Our Food Consumption Got Ruined

remember the old days the pies your mother used to make you’d go into the kitchen there’s mom breaking eggs beaten them, there be rich country cream and sugar fresh fruit and real vanilla beans and butter remember all that well you can forget it when we walk through the supermarket we’re bombarded with choices fresh or frozen low-fat or lots of fat Cool Ranch or nacho cheese with so much variety

we assume that some of its healthy some of its junk and at least we have a choice but do we is picking the best from a pile of flavorless tomatoes really a choice or choices about what we eat made for us long before we walked into the store

the industrial food system is not doing what a food system needs to do which is not just produce lots of food but to keep a population healthy industrial food system is making us very sick in many many different ways.

There is the obesity epidemic there is diabetes, four out of ten leading killers in this country are our food-related chronic diseases, I’m really worried about what’s going to happen in this country if we don’t sort of wake up and understand the consequences of every decision that we make about everything that we eat every day, there’s a big problem with food in our country.

Today large commodity producers and large agribusinesses hijacked and taken over the farm subsidy programs and it’s resulting in production of food types that aren’t healthy for us, our government food policy promotes eating junk food it really does the rewards go to the people who make junk foods so in a sense our current food system promotes obesity.

Industrial food in the second half of the century is that it’s been underwritten by taxpayer dollars if you listen to debates there’s never anything about it takes people like us the sustainable food people to bring up that stuff and when we go and we get involved in the policy piece of the farm bill it’s like we’re going up against Goliath and we really lose almost every time

American food policy starting really to supply people with the most amount of food at the lowest price and that’s not that I mean that’s not something to be sneered at these days when everybody has plenty it’s hard to remember when the South was the pellagra Belt and when people really did not have enough food to eat.

It’s hard to believe it now but there was a time when many Americans were starving in the Great Depression farmers were producing plenty of food but no one could afford to buy it so farmers started going out of business under the farm bill Uncle Sam paid farmers not to grow so many crops by keeping supply down the bill kept prices steady for the farmers but after World War two things began to change new farming chemicals led to bigger harvests and new machines were created to keep up with the surge starvation was history but the explosion of food into the marketplace overwhelmed the government’s ability to manage supply and demand lead to abandon small farmers in favor of large mega farms.