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Aloe Vera Health Benefits

This is an incredible plant known for over 5,000 years in Indian medicine, aloe vera is a succulent plant with gel inside the leaf and part of the lily family the same genus the garlic and onions belong to.

Aloe Vera is often referred to as an adaptogen, which is something that boosts the body’s natural ability to adapt to external influences and prevent illnesses, its Often suggested as juice to patients who have low immunity and suffer from frequent colds and flus because it contains over 200 active components including minerals, amino acids, enzymes polysaccharides and fatty acids. This combination apps to suit and cleanse the digestive tract helping to improve the digestion and creating an alkaline environment inside the body. a disease cannot manifest itself in an alkaline environment
Most people are living and subsisting on mostly acidic foods, Aloe Vera helps to balance overly acidic dietary habits.

Healthy Tip:

Have pure organic Aloe Vera juice at least two to three times per week. not more than 30 to 50 ml each day, this will help metabolize the excess acidic fats as well as turn the body on regular basis. too much is of course not recommended and can lead to an upset stomach.

Aloe Vera Benefits For The Skin

there are various benefits of aloe vera to the skin it has a moisturizing effect cooling effect soothing effect and also it has a lightening property to the skin, it lightens the skin by reducing the excess melanin cells that’s why it is used in various skin products, it has a soothing and calming effect. for example it is used in cases of mild at sunburn and in mild burn cases, also in various acute viral infections like herpes zoster kinda so it is used in combination with calamine lotion so it has soothing effect on various viral infections on the skin

Aloe Vera Benefits For Hair Growth

Aloe vera has great hair benefits, to grow and regrow thinning hair, Im gonna show you how to create your own elevator hair mask as well as how to use it.

so you are going to need a small mixing bowl, aloe vera of course, coconut oil and honey. and for honey use raw because raw is best. cut a good piece of the aloe vera begin peeling off that top layer so you could get to the good stuff where all the nutrients are. aloe vera is jam-packed full of antioxidants such as vitamin A vitamin C vitamin E which all promote hair growth and you know stops your hair from breaking and falling out. also kills off any bacteria that may cause an unhealthy scalp or or hair loss. anything that may come for your scalp.

use two to three tablespoons of coconut oil as you may already know coconut oil does have moisturizing and antiseptic properties, slowly adding coconut oil for the anti septic properties because it’s not as moisturizing for hair as it may be for others you can use castor oil as an alternative castor oil is also anti septic it accelerates the blood circulation and your scalp which you know promotes hair growth. add 2 to 3 tablespoons of the honey and the honey is a natural conditioner and it literally takes moisture from the air and gives it to your hair. you need to have your hair moisturized all the time because our hair can get dried really quickly.

blend all these ingredients together using your magic bullet literally for like what 2 seconds or 3 because you want it to have like a pasty feel to it. now it’s time to get our hair wet, get your Shampoo and cleanse your hair first and once done shampooing part your hair into sections to apply the mask correctly, be sure to put on some gloves so the process doesn’t get too messy
massage the aloe vera mask in tune with your scalp to get all the ingredients on the scalp, remember it has all those great properties

put on the shower cap and keep it on for like 30 to 45 minutes so put your head towel over the shower cap just to heat things up a little bit more. once time is up, thoroughly wash out the aloe vera mask and make sure to get it all out, Then you’re good to go. Hope you try this out

How to Grow Aloe Vera

it’s quite simple to grow. So that’s why we’re going to go through the critical elements of its care, light, water, fertility, repotting, the type of pot you should use, how it propagates. So get an aloe leaf cut it open and harvest. Our first category is light and temperature. If you’re growing it indoors, which you certainly can and I encourage you to do it if you don’t have a lot of space, then give it as much light as you humanly can and potentially even supplement it with a grow light. You can put it right up next to a window. Maybe a foot or two away is a really good idea.

If you’re growing it outdoors however, I recommend shading it through the hotter parts of the day. And I know this both from research and also practice. This is an aloe that I just kind of left out and it was in full sun and so you can see some of these lower tips have started to burn a little bit. Some of them actually I cut one off lower here and it was getting kind of orange reddish, which is a sign of a bit of sunburn. So you do want to avoid blasting it with sun. And then temperature-wise it’s a zone 9 to 11 plant, but in layman’s terms that basically means keep it within a band of let’s say mid-fifties to low to mid 80 degrees. Anything outside of that, it’s not going to have the best time.