9 Hidden Signs You Have Thyroid Problems

Millions of people are thought to experience the ill effects of thyroid disease, yet many remain undiagnosed. Because symptoms vary in general and sometimes are not present at all, it is possible to live with thyroid problems for a long time without knowing it. There are a variety of symptoms that we may experience that may be related to diseases in our glands. But there are nine common signs or symptoms that can give you clues about problems with the thyroid gland.

1 – Mental trouble

Changes in your mental state, ranging from depression to distressing anxiety, can be identified as triggering, difficult to focus on, and memory problems. This is particularly true, these side effects can diminish, they can be problematic, although you can manage your entire life.

2 – Abnormal weight loss or gain

Gaining and losing weight unexpectedly can be due to thyroid problems. Due to slow metabolism, the body will be accumulating fluid and salt might be pushing the weight.

3 – Fatigue

One can get tired once in a while although fatigue associated with hypothyroidism is beyond the expected fatigue. You can have the temptation to stay in bed all weekend although it does not make you refreshed. If you have been exhausted for some time, you are so exhausted that you think you cannot spend the day or wish to rest, even after having rested all night, it may be related to thyroid.

4 – Skin and hair issues

It is not a surprise to see your hair falling and to see the skin looking pale or dry. Thyroid problems can change the texture of your hair, can be dryer and brittle than usual.

5 – Family history of thyroid problems

Thyroid problems tend to continue working in families; Therefore, if someone with hyperthyroid infections in their circle, they are very likely to be patients of any type of thyroid.

6 – Fertility issues

Women with thyroid problems may experience heavier, more agonizing periods or, on the other hand, a less frequent and lighter menstrual cycle. Thyroid disease affects the menstrual cycle as well as fertility. This is due to short thyroid hormones.

7 – Neck enlargement and joint pains

Pain in the joint and neck enlargement that causes hoarse voice and trouble swallowing can be caused by thyroid problems.

8 – Bowel movement issues

With thyroid problems, all the body functions slow down including elimination and digestion of food, its either you get constipated or the stool moves slowly.

9 – Cholesterol change

High or low cholesterol that is not related to eating, exercising and it is not responsive to medication is an indication of the problem. High cholesterol is related to hypothyroidism,

What are the things that can be done to improve the functions of the thyroid?

• Taking diets with high multivitamins like iodine and going gluten-free by trying grains completely.

• Adrenal and thyroids glands work hand in hand, therefore, taking care of your stress level can help support the adrenal glands.

• Taking care of your guts, well functioning digestive system is a critical part of good health.

These are just a few common signs for thyroid problems therefore if you have experienced any of the above signs then it is good to go for thyroid testing.