7 Signs that You Have Your Partner’s Unconditional Love

Falling in love is thrilling! When you’re head over heels in love. I’m talking give them the last of anything type of love. They don’t have to buy you gifts or take you to dinner. You love them unconditionally. You may be wondering, do they love me unconditionally? Here are seven signs that you have the unconditional love of your partner.

1. They’re Happy to Talk About Growing Old With You

When you talk about having a couple of kids or being a grandparent they talk about these things with you. They don’t act awkward or change the subject. They seem to really like the idea of growing old with you.

2. You Tell Them Your Secrets and They Keep Them Secret.

You tell them your deepest darkest secrets and they keep them secret. They don’t tell their best friends or anyone for that matter. You can truly confide in them and you know it.

3. They Take Joy in Your Accomplishments

They tell you often that they are proud of you. In fact, you can’t wait to tell them when you accomplish something because you know they will be so proud of you. They are you’re number one fan.

4. You Don’t Always Agree, But You Always Make-Up

You and your partner don’t always agree. No couple gets along all the time. The important thing about disagreements isn’t the disagreement it’s self it is how you and your partner respond after the disagreement. This involves unconditional love. It takes unconditional love for them to forgive you or admit that they were wrong.

5.They Are Always Treating You With Kindness

They open the door for you or make you chicken noodle soup when you’re sick. They offer you their jacket or watch a movie that isn’t their favorite because they know that it’s your favorite. They do these things because they want to put your needs above their own needs. To put another person’s needs above your needs isn’t easy. It takes unconditional love.

6. They Want to Protect You

They want you to be safe. They are not jealous or controlling. They just care about you and they can’t imagine their life without you in it. Humans protect what they love. So if your partner is protective embrace it and be thankful.

7. They Aren’t Afraid to Show You How They Are Feeling

Your partner isn’t afraid to be emotional in front of you. This means when they’re sad they are sad in front of you they don’t run home to be sad. It is hard for some people to be emotional around others because when we are emotional we are at our most vulnerable. So, If your partner lets you in on their emotional stuff then they really trust and love you.

How did they do? If your partner hasn’t met all the criteria yet. Don’t give up. Give them time. But If they have, rejoice. Unconditional love is hard to come by. Unconditional love is a rare jewel.