How Do I Became Emotionally Strong ?

There are things that emotionally strong people do pretty much every day if not every day, because they know that making a habit of doing these things is going to help build their emotional strength and it’s also going to help them maintain their emotional strength by making these four things a priority in their every day lives and I’m gonna tell you what four of them are and give you some simple ways to start implementing them into your own life if you haven’t already.

People get through the Stuff that is holding them back so they can like themselves and their lives more every day. and these four things that they do are things that honor, respect and celebrate the four dimensions of the self, we as human beings are made up of four dimensions and we need to be investing and respecting and doing things to take care of these four dimensions of ourselves every single day.

1 – Biological Self

the first dimension of the self is our biological self, so emotionally strong people know that they cannot be emotionally strong without taking care of their bodies, our brains and our bodies are so interconnected some people might be annoyed and might not like it, but its true, I would be hard-pressed to believe that it’s possible to have a really healthy mental well-being emotional well-being, it’s almost impossible to have a good solid mental health without moving your body pretty much every day.

These bodies, these vessels are not meant to sit still, they are meant to be nourished, meant to be moved, they are meant to be respected, if you can show me someone who sits on the couch all day every day watching Netflix and eating ding-dongs who is a happy joyous connected fulfilled human being then you can prove me wrong. if we need to emotionally strong people, know that we need to be moving our bodies respecting our biology by the foods that we eat, and exercising, so go for walk / runs or any sport that you like, whatever it is, move your body it is gonna have a huge impact on your body and mind.

Research shows that 40 minutes of continuous exercise, particularly running, has been shown to be as effective as treating mild to moderate depression as antidepressant medication, so running four days a week for a minimum of 40 minutes is highly recommended, so our bodies are meant to move respecting that is essential for a solid emotional health, mental health general sense of well-being.

Healthy diet is as important, so stay away for junk and processed foods,it’s hard to feel good with french fries and sugary drinks, our body was not meant to live off of those things, So let’s stay mindful of our health and our biology.

2 – Psychological

emotionally strong people respect and take care of their psychological Health’s, they take care of their mental health, their mind. they practice having healthy boundaries, doing mindfulness activities , they take time for themselves and doing meaningful things, things that are important to kind of lights them up and makes them feel good. they make it intentional to do things that feel rewarding and engaging and purposeful that they’re passionate about, they take care of their psychological health In a whole.

So whether its going to therapy, yoga or joining some kind of group where you’re able to talk about the things that are happening in your mind, the things that you’re struggling with and being able to work through them, deal with your pain and heal from stuff in the past. So you cannot be emotionally strong if you are not taking care of your psyche, so start investing in your mental well-being.

3 – Social Life

The next one and this is a huge one, So we’ve become more and more connected online and less and less connected in real life, real relationships, real time conversation with three-dimensional human beings, we need social connection.

Alfred Adler, one of the forefathers of modern psychology said that genuine honest authentic human connection is as essential to our survival as air and water, so we need to go out and be with people, have relationships in the outside world, and not hide behind our screens all day, we hide in our houses,we keep ourselves from ever having any kind of like upset or difficulties or challenges, relationships are tough we got to deal with it, we got to do it because we are hard-wired for connection, real life connection.

emotionally strong people have close connected, supportive, encouraging mutually beneficial and mutually respecting relationships, they go out in real life and make real relationships, so its essential to our survival, we kind of need that , we are social being .

4 – Spiritual

The last dimension the fourth dimension is the spiritual dimension, and I don’t know what that looks like for you, might be faith, a spiritual practice, even if it’s part of an organized religion, your relationship with God, whatever it is that spiritual self, it gives you meaning, deeper meaning and purpose, deeper drive in connecting to a higher power and a sense of something bigger that helps us answer the “why am I here” question.

That thing motivates us, drives us, that’s why emotionally strong people know that they have to be nurturing and respecting and taking care of their souls, they have to be taking care of the vessel the body that is housing the soul, and they also need to be taking care of their spiritual self, their souls it’s not just an afterthought it’s a here, it’s an essential that gives you meaning what what gives you purpose.

emotionally strong people have asked those questions to themselves and they make a point of answering and then doing what they need to do to take care of that inner self. I mentioned mindfulness before as a way to respect our psychological self, practicing mindfulness will have a huge impact on that psychological dimension of the self.

so biological, psychological, social and spiritual. remember that make a point to invest in and respect those four dimensions of yourself, and making that a priority will be able to help you become a more emotionally strong resilient and even happy person. take good care

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