Why Some People Don’t Want You to Lose Weight

Your body is your own, and as such you should be able to do what you want to it. But there are those who seem to make it their personal mission to keep you from making positive changes.

Here are five types of people who are keeping you from losing weight.

The Jealous Ones

The people who would want you to stay fat are probably the ones who were unsuccessful about their diets and weight loss programs in the past.

There’s a group of feminists online who advocate that women shouldn’t conform to men’s idea of what a female should be. They may have the right intention that you, of all people have the right to decide what you want, but it goes off-tangent when they say you’re a victim of a sizeism and a male-dominated society.

Then there are scaremongers, the ones who have failed to slim down and are now hell-bent on keeping others down. They justify failure and are looking for any excuse to be ‘out of it’. Clear signals that you’re dealing with a scaremonger include them saying that dieting is dangerous and you’ll be healthier as you are.

You may also have jealous girlfriends who will keep you from changing because they feel that you won’t be on equal terms anymore. They could be overweight, and the fact that you’re slimmer than them makes them feel inadequate; they could be slim, and toning down will lower their self-confidence.

The Walk-On-Eggshell Ones

A coworker, friend or relative will tell you that you don’t need to lose weight, but they’re just too afraid to say it and hurt your feelings. So they stick to ‘safe’ answers and never tell what they really think.

Have someone in your life who’s like that? The one who’s so afraid of worrying you that they only say safe and positive things? You can’t ever count on them for advice because you’ll just get a generic response.

People who feel guilty about their own size

It’s easy to assume that you’re okay when you’re surrounded by overweight people. When you make the change and start losing weight, several things can happen:

– the people around you suddenly realize that being fat isn’t such a great thing after all.

– they also come to a conclusion that they can do something about it.

They are guilty by association, and their next action will have a profound effect on themselves and you. The closer they are, e.g., family members or best friend, the greater the ripple effect, so be wary!

The Fun-Lovers

People assume that dieters and weight loss watchers are an absolute bore. When they’re out having drinks and eating the food they want, they assume that you’re going to be ‘no fun’, with your salad and water and all.

Your family may then start to become conscious whenever you’re around and veer off to try and avoid diet talks and calorie counting. In the same vein, they’d think that you won’t be fun at parties and night outs because all you’ll do is drink water, say no to all the food and look sad.

In short, these people will think you’ll spoil all the fun, which isn’t exactly true. The truth is, they may have been a wet blanket themselves when they went on a diet.

People Who Will Feel Intimidated

These type of people are usually the closest to you. Spouses, best friends and siblings will worry that the change that comes with losing weight will have an effect on your attitude.

Like the jealous ones, they’ll assume that you think they won’t be good enough once you’re down a few pounds. Worse, they will think that new people will become attracted to you and you won’t have time to hang out with or spend with them anymore.

Human nature dictates that we don’t like changes that are not our doing, but the feeling goes away when we find that it’s not so bad after all.


These are just some of the few individuals you should avoid when going on a weight loss journey. Adopt a positive mindset and don’t let negativity from others drag you down. As mentioned, your body is solely your responsibility, and making changes such as losing weight is a step in the right direction, no matter what others may think.