Anxiety disorders – Symptoms and causes

We all get Anxious from time to time, my be an exam coming up or something of sort, now that’s a totally healthy emotion, But when a person feels a regularly too much amount of anxiety, it might become clinical.

Now there’s what’s normal, how do I know that my anxieties off the roof and I should probably be seeking help, versus just normally anxiety kind of manifests itself a little bit differently. what would be normal things like being worried about how well you’re gonna do on a test, or going in to talk to your boss about your annual review, those are normal things to be anxious about, but if it starts again persisting and crossing against all your life activities, your work your home life and so forth, things become severe.

Some of the things you might see would be someone who is their sleep is really disrupted, they have a lot of muscle tension, they can’t stop thinking about all these worries they are pervasive, so their focus and concentration on their work, or at home, or any place else, they are someplace else and very troubled by it, and sometimes you’ll even see some physical agitation, they may not be able to sit still, they may be restless, those kinds of things. So there’s a lot of things to look for in that regard, now if your life becomes naturally more stressful, you have natural anxiety that comes with it.

Before Jumping into Pills Read This

Initially, we won’t even want to jump into medication with any illness, if you can help it naturally, if it’s a moderate just severe anxiety or depression that’s when you might want to introduce the medication, but prior to that and this is for overall health as well, exercise, healthy eating, if you are drinking a lot of caffeine more a lot of alcohol both of those should be reduced, psychotherapy, extraordinarily you to have someone to talk to.

Now a lot of people don’t feel comfortable going to counselling telling them anything like , because you know you’re telling your your personal information to someone stranger to you that never talked to you before, and you’re like where do I start ? how do you tell? what do you tell someone like that? it is a bit difficult.

It would you feel more comfortable if I went with good friend, or a close relative, you’re getting more comfortable with someone than a stranger , you can start with talking with friends that’s important in general.

But then again People say “I really don’t need therapy I have my friends” there’s a big difference between having someone who’s professional and can help guide you, versus a friends who is a support, and we love having support yeah definitely great all right.

13 reasons why

Some of these shows some of these movies like let’s say 13 reasons why is a Netflix show that came out and it really heightened awareness of suicide, and we know that results of a recent study shows suicide searches were 19% higher in the days following the Netflix show release, so these type of shows, violent video games, or even social media is affecting our society especially teens, the risk of suicide is very real with depressed patients being exposed to that type of media materiel . be aware !

Warning signs and Triggers

well one of the things right off the bat that people get a little bit scared about, is if someone starts to talk a little bit about suicide, or if they’re super depressed, you’re wondering they’re afraid to bring up the topic of suicide because they’re fearful that it might push them towards it, that typically is not the case, and it’s actually a bit freeing for the person if someone else says to them you know “I’m really worried about you. have you been having thoughts about wanting to hurt yourself or suicide because you’ve been so down and you you’ve changed your behavior you’re isolating completely you’re drinking a lot more and I’m really worried about things that you’re doing” so it actually frees them up to to feel more open to talk about it, but they may start talking about things, about suicide, about ways to kill themselves, they’re looking up things on the internet, how to do these kinds of things their behaviors are way different than what they typically are, drinking more, are there guns in the household those kinds of things, If it gets serious there a national suicide hotline where they can call or you can call but if they are very serious about this and it looks like you’re not going to be able to do much about it please don’t take this in your own hands call 9-1-1 immediately let the authorities go ahead and and take your loved one to the hospital where they can get the specific help that they need.

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