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17 Tricks for the Kitchen That You Definitely Didn’t Know About

17 Tricks for the Kitchen That You Definitely Didn’t Know About

Down the years, I’ve picked up several different tricks from a variety of friends and family that I now use in the kitchen regularly. Today I’ve decided to share some with you, these will definitely make food prep a little easier in the future.

#1 Try poaching your eggs in a Muffin Tin

A muffin tin offers the perfect solution to poaching a large number of eggs in a short period. Add a tablespoon of water to each muffin cavity, crack an egg into the cavity and bake for 10 to 13 minutes at 350 degrees.

#2 Make perfect twisty fries with a spiralizer

Simply spiralize your potatoes of choice. Add a tablespoon of oil and toss them with whatever seasoning you want. Place them evenly on a sheet pan lined with parchment paper bake for 20 minutes at 425 degrees, stirring every 5-10 minutes with avoid them burning.

#3 A spoon can peel ginger

Since the skin of ginger roots are pretty thin, and it can be removed very easily using a metal spoon. The spoon is particularly useful for scraping the tricker rounded edges of the ginger.

#4 Bananas last longer when you wrap the stems

One of the more frustrating aspects of buying fresh fruit is that it doesn’t last very long. You can extend the life of your bananas by separating them into single units and wrapping each stem in plastic wrap. This has something to so with containing Ethylene gas

#5 Always serve cold food in frozen dishware.

You’re probably familiar with getting a cold beer served to you in a frozen glass. The same concept can be applied to serving ice cream or other cold food at home. Place some dishes in the freezer the night before, and serve your cold food on the chilly tableware instead.

#6 Boil potatoes are more comfortable to peel.

Cut the skin of potato around the middle using a knife and simmer them for 15 minutes. Using tongs place them in ice water safely. Once cool, the skin will just slip off making peeling cleaner and easier.

#7 Shaken garlic cloves are easier to work with

Save yourself the hassle of having to peel a lot of garlic cloves. Simply separate them and add them into a large jar such as a mason jar and screw the lid firmly shut. Shaking the jar vigorously will result in the skins of falling right the clove.

#8 Slice multiple grapes at once in half the time

This is a neat trick I picked up from a neighbor that saved me so much hassle. It can be used to slice grapes or baby tomatoes. Simply place the number of them between two plastic lids, take your sharpest knife and slice between the covers. You will be left with more than a handful of perfectly halved tomatoes and grapes

#9 Always pre-scoop your ice cream

The next time you have a birthday party or a gathering that you’re going to use ice cream do yourself a favour and scoop and freeze it the night before. Then you can simply sit back and let your guests serve themselves

#10 Breakfast on the run.

I don’t know about you, but when you have the number of teenage children and work-obsessed husband. Trying to make sure they all have a healthy breakfast every morning is just becoming impossible. This is why I prepare frozen smoothies, they can just grab one to eat on the run.

#11 Pizza cutters are great for slicing herbs

When you’re preparing a large meal, trying to work through a heap of herbs is time-consuming. Since I observe my sister making light work of a bunch of fresh herbs using the pizza cutter a few years back, she has shaved hours off my prep time. One tip, rotating the bowl 90� every few minutes, will ensure an even cut.

#12 Never waste fresh herbs again

I bet I can go anytime you buy fresh herb, you tend to overestimate what you need. The next time you do this, just grab an ice cube tray, fill each section with your spare herb’s and add some olive oil. Make sure the oil is completely covering the herbs and pop it in the freezer.

#13 Batch cooking bacon made easier

Because of fatty nature, cooking bacon can be a pain. This is a nice trick, instead of just placing it on one tray, try placing another on top. This helps it cook evenly, stay flat, and reduces a lot of the fat-causing a mess.

#14 Frozen berries are healthier than syrup

The next time you pop to the supermarket, pick up some berries and pop them into the freezer. Any time one of your family wants a sweet addition to their pancakes, warm your frozen mixed berries in a saucepan and strain them using a fine mesh to remove all the seeds and spoon it over their food of choice.

#15 Cookies will tell you when they are cooked

When it comes to cookies looks can be deceptive. But they don’t lie, they will crackle when they’re cooked. Just remove the pan from the oven and let it rest and cool for five minutes before serving.

#16 Tired of picking our eggshells

Have you ever wondered why you can’t crack an egg without some shell ending up in your bowl? The problem isn’t the egg, and it’s you. Instead of breaking your eggs on the edge of the pan or bowl, crack it on the flat. This will prevent little pieces of eggshell ending up where you don’t want them.

#17 Make your limes and lemons easier to squeeze

Sometimes lemons and limes, when they are not entirely ripe, can be difficult to peel or juice. if you roll them firmly on the counter using the palm of your hand first. This makes juicing much more comfortable as it softens the fruit.

These are just seventeen neat tricks that will help you conquer a series of cooking, food preparation and baking problems. But a little bit of research will 100s of similar tricks that you can use in the kitchen. We hope this article will make your kitchen adventures a little more comfortable in the future.