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15 Amazing Summer Hairstyles For Women

Summer hairstyles are always a tricky thing to get right. Having long hair can become unmanageable but unlike the winter, you can’t just throw a beanie on. It’s easy to get flustered and not know what to do. The heat can cause damage too if you don’t maintain your hair properly. That means no Instagram pics. Sad times!

No worries though. This article is going to give you 15 really good ideas you can use during those hot summer days. The main thing is to have a light and easy style that you can go to anytime.

Let’s have a look.

1. The Classic Ponytail

Simple and easy to do, it’s probably the ultimate summertime hairstyle. It’s a no effort look that can be really classy and suites everyone. Done in a matter of seconds, the classic ponytail won’t leave you frustrated in the summer heat!

2. Simple Knot Braid

Another easy to do look, the simple knot braid can add a little more shape to your style. It kind of makes you look like a mermaid actually. It would definitely be a style you should consider if you’ve had a lazy day at the beach!

3. Roll up

A roll up looks really pretty as well as being a really practical hairstyle too. When it’s hot and sticky, having less hair on your back can be a lifesaver. A roll up keeps everything neat and tidy with the added benefit of making some addition such as a flower pin. Also, it’s ideal if your hair gets wet at the beach.

4. A Thick Summer Braid

A little dressier but still quite a practical style, the thick summer braid is an excellent choice for a summer’s day if you’re familiar with the French braid. This style helps to keep the hair out of your face with the added bonus of being useful for all different lengths of hair.

5. Short Hair Updo

This is the ideal style if you have shorter hair. The main idea is to keep your hair out of your face and off your neck so it’s the ideal style for the summer. A little bit more complicated to do than any of the other’s, its quite easy to pick up one you’ve practised it once or twice.

6. Wave and waterfall braid

Another braid style but its another fantastic idea for a hot summer’s day. It isn’t the most practical, but it really fits the summer vibe. After a few goes and practises, you’ll have a stunning hair do in seconds.

7. Dutch braid and a low bun

The way to pull off this style is to have a Dutch braid on either side and then finish it with a low bun. Definitely a little more complicated than some other styles on the list and perhaps not the most practical but what it does so well is fit the summer feel amazingly well. Time and patience will be needed, but once you’ve learnt what to do, you can have this amazing hairstyle up in seconds!

8. Double Twisted Bun

A perfect style for all occasions either during the day or night, a double twisted bun adds a little more elegance and style to a normal bun. It’s a good style choice for those long summer days.

9. Criss-Cross Hairstyle

Super polished and easy to put together, this would be another excellent choice for an easy to do summer hairstyle. It literally takes minutes to perfect and it looks really professional. When you’re taking your beach selfies, this style will make all your friends jealous.

10. Floral Twisted half up, Half Down

This style adds a little more uniqueness! It’s a modern twist on the classic half up, half down style where all you do is add a ring of flowers around the twists. It’s simple, pretty and perfect for a summer’s day!

11. Messy Bun

Maybe the best-known style on the list, a messy bun is really good for all occasions if you want a classy look. Easy to do and easy to perfect, this is a real go to style.

12. Top Knot Bun

Done in a matter of seconds, a top knot bun is similar to the messy bun in term of use. Perhaps it’s a little more practical because it keeps the hair out your face. A few steps, a few bobby pins and then you’re done. It really is that easy!

13. Loop-Side Ponytail

A little more relaxed than the classic ponytail, it’s a good style to choose if your summer activities include sitting out and drinking. The hardest thing about this style is the preparation you need to do but apart from that, it’s easy peasy!

14. Bubble ponytail

Keeping with the theme of ponytail variations, a bubble ponytail is simple yet so stylish. The ideal style if you’re super busy.

15. Heatless Headband Waves

A totally unique method that will have a different result every time. This little technique is done overnight and will product wonderful yet unique waves. Best of all you don’t need any equipment to do this effectively. Take a look at some tutorials if you’re interested.

So, there you have it, 15 really simple styles to do that you can use all the way throughout summer. Hopefully you’ve found the perfect style for you or if not, its given you some inspiration to find your go to summer hairstyle!