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10 Trendy Short Hairstyles This Summer

There are so many short hairstyle options You can choose from, the layered bob, playful curls and more.. Through adding volume in your hair, you can generate the fullness and illusory look. enough said check these top #10 trendy and short hairstyles this year.

1. Pixie cut with a nape at the bottom:

Pixie hair cut is a bold style statement. It is also a practical hairstyling option. This hairstyle can make your cheekbone pop and frame the face perfectly. If you love to do the hair colour experiment, then this haircut is the best option for the short hair. Modern pixie cut comes with nape undercut option. The undercut makes the whole pixie haircut bold and sexy. You can use the light pink colour and feathered layers in the front. It is a delicate hairstyling option. You will gorgeous in any attire with this hairstyle.